Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Hard Rock Cafe


The Hard Rock Café is a well-known place where people go to grab some good food and celebrate rock music. The entire café is decorated with the rock and roll theme. There are even famous rock stars that stop by the café from time to time. This restaurant has locations all over the world. There are some things that most people probably do not know about the Hard Rock Café.


First Location


The first Hard Rock Café opened in what once was a Rolls Royce dealership. The first café opened in London back in 1971. The café was opened by two Americans named Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. They want a place where they could grab a burger and listen to music. The café was opened on a six-month lease at the old dealership. The lease was short in case things did not work out.


Funding From Duck


Isaac Tigrett got some help from his family when he wanted to open the hard rock café. His father made several million dollars over the years from selling plastic ducks. He purchased the Glub Glub plastic duck company back in the early 1950s for $800. By the time he sold the company, it was worth over $22 million. No one would think that a rock café was funded by plastic toys.


The Logo


When the owners were looking to make a logo for their café they used Alan Aldridge who was a well-known artist to the stars. He worked with a lot of famous artists including The Beatles as well as Elton John. His inspiration for the Hard Rock Café logo was an inspiration that he got from the hood ornament of an old Chevy. The logo was simpler than his usual work but it is something that many people can recognize.


First Performance


Over the years the Hard Rock Café has been known for the performances from famous artists. During the first couple of years in business, it was hard to get a band to play here. That changed in 1973. Paul McCartney and the Wings put on a show. They were touring in the United Kingdom and stopped at the café and decided to put on a show for the guests.


Merchandise by Accident


In addition to the food, the Hard Rock Café is known for selling merchandise especially t-shirts. The first shirt was actually sold by accident. The owners decided that they wanted to do something good and sponsor a local soccer team. This was back in 1974. The team had their shirts made with the company logo on them. The owners had a couple of extra shirts so they decided to give them out to return customers. People loved the shirts and there was a high demand for them. That is how the merchandise got started.


These are some little-known facts about the Hard Rock Café. While this restaurant is a big name today it was not always that way. Many of the things that made the Hard Rock famous happened by accident but turned out to be a success. Learn how to make homemade yogurt with raw milk and you may be able to start a small business on your own!